Chapter 49 – Truth

Translator:  DC & Kui

Editor: Arocks141

Author: しまもん  (SHIMAMON)


“Why? What went wrong?

I’m certain we killed off all those demons. Where did this horde come from?

Everything above ground is just like hell. Who cares if the demons can’t get in here. This country is finished.

Currently, I’m in the underground facility. The other researchers returned to their homes above, in order to sit around with their families with enjoyment.

I was the only one who stayed behind. I wanted to immerse myself with the mana stones but a message came in from the communicator.

I heard the king’s howling from the other side of the communicator when I answered. Then I learnt of what happened above ground.

I couldn’t believe it.

I had seen the state of the world through magic, but I still couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t believe it. Demons larger than what I’ve ever seen before was breaking our castle walls, launching a massacre.

With what remained of the mana stone, I rushed to restart the demon extermination magic. So, I poured magic into the mana stone, but it was meaningless.

The amount of magic power released in that one shot was from tens of senior magicians who spent months storing their power.

What can I hope to achieve with just my magic power alone? 

As I am currently writing in this diary, I have been emptied of my magic and my mind has calmed down.

We were able to kill off every single one of those demons within a 200km radius around our country with the fired magic. There should only have been normal animals beyond that point.

I’m certain of this. The elite forces of our nation paid great sacrifices for this information. After we fired the spell, all that should have been left was our country, a burnt plain, and the ordinary animals living more than 200km away.

What in the world?!! Why are there so many demons left?!! Is it possible?!! Did Satan perfect teleportation magic?!!

We too were developing teleportation magic. But the distance was limited and we could only transfer small objects…

To that extent, I can say it would be impossible to teleport demons!

…We may have chosen a terrible foe to make an enemy of…

…What can we do… as mankind…?

… It doesn’t seem like there was a reason to read this journal…. If that’s the case, whoever comes and reads this diary, I wish for you to please survive.

I won’t ask for you to defeat Satan.

Please, survive, leave behind your descendants and ensure the survival of humanity as a species.

If the need arises, I have left behind a tool for you in the drawer of the desk.

Within there is all the data we have from our research.

The destruction magic, research on teleportation, homunculi, blueprints of siege weapons, research on immortality, healing magic… I leave to you all the data we have collected from our country’s research.

… I hate that my power is to only leave things behind…. 

…I am… incompetent…

That’s the end. After writing that, he committed suicide. 

Just as it was written in the diary, a small magic tool was placed in the drawer.

This unseeming magictech withheld a vast amount of information which could be viewed if I injected a slight amount of magic power.

(The contents of the documents were magnificent, but I haven’t even such a magic tool based on the information recorded. Since it wasn’t found on the shopping streets in the country, it was probably a very valuable object.

To still call himself incompetent after making this…

If it was me who invented this tool, I’d live the rest of my life bragging about it.

… Apparently he was a far better person than me.)

The woman placed the tool inside her pocket then reached out to shake hands with the skeleton

For some time afterwards, she aimlessly wandered the underground facility trying to find anything new.

One wouldn’t expect any less from research done on a national level, and all of the magic tools were splendid. She made a messy face as she stared with feelings of “envy” and “jealousy”.

It was only after she retrieved a number of magic tools that she made her way upstairs.

The dazzling sunlight slowly entered her eyes as she dragged her feet up, and a sudden wave of nausea assaulted her. Regardless, she pushed forwards, only to be met with another bout of headache.

She slowly ascended the staircase while clutching her head lightly.

(Ah, I thought so.

How long has it been since I was this excited?

Of course I would be excited. I’ve found the answer I’ve always been looking for.

But maybe because I got a bit too worked up, all the fatigue from the journey has caught up all of a sudden. I’ll go lie down for a bit when I get home.)

While thinking this, she looked towards the surface.

Then, as she reached the surface, the scholar staggered as the girl came and hugged her, crying. She cried out

<Everyone!! All of them!!>

At first, the scholar didn’t understand what was going on. The young girl still persistently tugged on her.

The scholar cupped her head even as she stumbled after the girl.

The girl stopped just a little bit out from the shed, and wept as she pointed at ‘something’.

There wasn’t a speck of fur on its body, and there were green specks on its skin. Its eyes were void of sanity, and drooled from its mouth.

The woman stared at that ‘something’

(What… is that?

A subspecies of demon?)

Completely disregarding the scholar’s contemplations, the young girl cried.

<Everyone!! My friends!!>

…The words clicked in.

The woman realised that those ‘repulsive creatures’ were in actual fact ‘figures of mutated cats’.

The throbbing in her mind was overwhelming. She could feel her vision distorting and the voice of the girl which grew more distant by the second.

…In her fading consciousness, every piece of information contained in her mind was rampaging.

“Magic History” and “Demon History” are interconnected. The ferocious animals from my home down differed from the calm animals here. The “after we fired the spell, all that should have been left was our country, a burnt plain, and the ordinary animals living more than 200km away” written in the diary entry. The change in the cats after we fired the penetration magic.

I believed that ‘demons were attracted to magic’… but I was wrong.

The large amount of demons… and where they came from…now… I understand.

…There were demons beyond the 200km…

…Yes…The truth behind those demons… The ordinary animals…

…As I thought… Satan does not exist…

“…We humans… gave birth to the demons…” immediately after she muttered this sentence, she collapsed, her consciousness slipping away.

The abrupt collapse of the scholar shocked the girl. She sprinted over and desperately yelled for the scholar’s name over and over, her snot and tears making for a pitiful scene.

Yet, the scholar did not respond to the crying girl as she fainted.

DC: Translating at midnight with your friend screeching in your ear making you laugh, I have found, is very counterproductive.

KUI: HAHAHAHA no worries, I’m also running on minimal sleep. 

Arocks141: SLEEP YOU TWO!!

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 49 – Truth

  1. Oh hey you are not dead! Thanks for the chapter.

    I wonder what caused the demonification though? Did the scholar activate some sort of magic device that is pumping magic to the surroundings? Or wasn there trapped magical energy within the bunker? I hope this doesn’t end as a bad ending again, but we shall hopefully see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She used a magical siege engine to destroyed the protected shed. I am guessing it used alot of magic thus leaving behind a lot of pollution


  2. I’ve been silently reading this series for a while and I wanna say, thanks for the chapter! >~<
    I'm glad humanity is progressing now(assuming they don't brand her a heretic and burn her at the stake or something, setting them possibly a few decades or even hundreds of years back)


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